Terms of sale for custom products

The rules below apply to all custom products manufactured according to customer or dealer specification. A custom product is each product designed using XDEEP "Tune Up" tool.

By using TUNE UP tool and especially sending an order to the dealer, you declare that you have familiarised yourself with the "terms of sale for custom products" and that you don't lodge any objections.

Design of custom product

The TUNE UP tool gives the opportunity to choose the colour of particular elements of a product, configuration options and personalization of a product with the use of embroidery or printed design. You can change the specification of custom-made product as many times as you like till the moment of starting of the production.

Sharing your design

You are an artist and the product you've created is special! You can share it with your friends on Facebook or send the link to the site showing the vision of Your dream product by clicking proper button on the summary page of our TUNE UP tool.

Custom product personalization guidelines

The TUNE UP tool enables optional personalization of a product with the use of a writing proposed by a customer. XDEEP may refuse to do personalization without giving any reason. In such a case you will have the right to withdraw from the personalization of a product or withdraw an order.

The writing cannot contain:
  • Inappropriate content, especially swear words or the words deemed offensive, inappropriate, derogatory or profane, including abbreviations or words sounding in a similar way;
  • Full names or nicknames of public figures or celebrities;
  • Registered trade marks, brands, slogans or other content belonging to third parties;
  • Content that may create a negative image of XDEEP brand or a product on which the writing will be put.
By sending custom-made product order form to the dealer or to the manufacturer you declare that the proposed writing is correct and that you have full rights to use the proposed writing.

Product price

Product price displayed in the TUNE UP tool during editing of specification of a product is the suggested retail price and in some countries it may differ from the price proposed by the dealer. You may confirm the price which you will pay for a product, along with additional fees, by contacting the dealer.

Remember that product price and the amount of additional fees may change with time. So if you have created the custom product many days ago, generate the order form once again by giving an e-mail address and Your individual configuration code.

Additional custom fees (custom fee, embroidery fee, express fee) are costs excluding tax and your dealer may need to add local VAT/GST tax if applicable in your region.

Changing the specification of custom product - changing an order

Personalized products are each time specially produced based on the specification prepared by a customer with the use of TUNE UP tool, therefore the specification of personalised product cannot be changed after the start of the production. The moment of starting the production is the moment of sending an order form to the dealer.

IMPORTANT: The data concerning the configuration are stored in an electronic system, whereas an order form is only a document confirming the consistency of entered data, therefore do not make any corrections manually on the order form - such changes will not be taken into account during the production process.

The delivery time of custom-made product

Immediately after receiving an order from the dealer, we will commence with the production of an ordered product. You will be notified about it via e-mail. If you don't receive an e-mail within 14 days from sending an order to the dealer, most probably it means that we haven't received an order for Your product. In such a case, please contact the dealer in order for information.

Typically, the production of custom products takes 4-6 weeks from receiving an order from the dealer. If you've choose "express" option, this period is shortened to approximately 2 weeks from order confirmation. Shipping time to your dealer is not included. This can vary depending on distance from our factory.

When your custom product will be ready, it will be sent to the dealer and you will be notified about it with another e-mail.

In certain situations, e.g. because of a large number of orders, it is possible that we won't be able to fulfil an order in "express" mode. In such a case the additional fee will be returned and an order will be fulfilled within 4-6 weeks.


Custom product is produced specially for You, based on specification prepared by You, therefore such product cannot be returned.


Custom-made product is covered by two-year XDEEP guarantee.